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Our PHITness Program

We know that your time is limited and valuable, so we don't waste it. With the help of our Population/Personal Performance and Health Improvement Training (PHIT) we get right to the business of helping you incorporate Focus, Energy and Vitality into your employees and the life of your organization. Our PHITs are a series of wellness, performance and workplace initiatives that are designed to improve Quality of Life, and transform organizational cultures. With our "sustainable engagement" and "energy management" programs your organization will be put on the trajectory to sharpen your competitive edge, and get closer to realizing your potential.

About Our Services

Individual & Group Coaching

We are well aware that there is no "magic bullet" or one-size-fits-all solution to performance and wellness challenges. For this reason we offer a variety of options to satisfy your or your organization's needs. Program choices and flexibility foster improvement and not only increase chances of participation, they also facilitate and encourage continued adherence for a broader spectrum of potential participants.

HOD Program

In support of your nutrition, fitness and other health promoting initiatives, our Health on Delivery (HOD) and on-site coaching programs deliver products to your location daily, weekly or monthly to stock your toolbox with healthy options and facilitate and encourage adherence to progress and healthy choices.

Transforming your Organizational Culture

Our goal is not only to transform the organizational culture to support good health, and create happy employees, but also to cultivate fertile ground in which interests in and information about healthy lifestyles will take root and flourish. In addition, we want to help you fashion an atmosphere that encourages interaction, positive social influences, and guidance about health practices. 

Inventory of Programs

So Many Options

As part of providing comprehensive wellness coaching in Washington DC and the surrounding areas. We offer a vast array of options. Some of which include tobacco prevention and control, health and medical decision-support/chronic conditions self-management, and social relationships. Our programs and services are designed to help you and your organization plan, design, implement, and evaluate your employee development programs. In addition to Metro Washington DC, we also offer wellness coaching in Baltimore, wellness coaching in Tysons Corner and everywhere in between.

About Our PHITness Programs

Health Assessments

Our Health Assessments are designed as an analysis of health related data that evaluates health status, health risk, and health improvement priorities at the individual or organizational level, and are key elements of the worksite health promotion program.  

Enhancing Fitness & Physical Activity

Physical activity programs have been the foundation of workplace health promotion programs for three decades or more. They should be an integral part of any comprehensive worksite health promotion efforts. 

Worksite Nutrition

Worksite nutrition programs can educate employees regarding healthy food and lifestyle choices, and can support behavior change. They have been shown to help increase fruit and vegetable consumption, increase awareness of healthy eating habits, and decrease healthcare costs.

Stress Management in the Workplace

Although work provides a range of benefits it can also have negative effects on mental health, particularly in the form of stress. There are various forms of work stressors related to different work contexts, and these may be unique to an organization or an industry, and must be addressed as such.

Addressing Obesity at the Workplace

Since the late 1970s obesity rates have doubled. In fact, treatment efforts, including worksite obesity treatment programs, statistically have not been able to curb the population trend toward increased weight. Solutions are more likely to come from a wide variety of changes, including workforces that will collectively impact the way individuals behave and make decisions.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Today's Employee Assistance Programs are defined as "professional services provided to employees with the interdependent goals of improving employees' and family members' overall well-being, as well as enhancing the work organization's functioning and productivity."

Corporate Wellness Services

Executive Boot Camp

We at Motional Intelligence understand that being effective as an executive requires among other things appropriate planning, organizing tasks, job responsibilities and resources, as well as leading the people who do the jobs to achieve organizational goals. To that end we address the characteristics of effective leadership and methodologies to leading for growth, and the accomplishment of goals, objectives and the organization's mission.

Low-Mid Management Boot Camp

As liaisons between executives, other management positions, and front line employees, the importance of the roles of this group cannot be overstated. Management is the process of getting things done through and with people. There is no effective management that occurs without the ability to lead, motivate and effectively communicate. In boot camp we address these and other critical steps to effective management.

Employee Boot Camp

As the most important aspect of the organization, employees must be made aware of their value, and how their personal growth, success and wellness correlates with the success of the organization. They should also be made aware of the expectation to consistently improve upon their knowledge, skills and abilities, and the achievement of excellence in their work task

Elite Performance Athletic Coaching

Explosive Power

Functional Strength

Speed and Endurance

Kinesthetic Awareness Training

Muscular Balance

Injury Prevention/Recovery



Mindfulness Meditation



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