Corporate Wellness Services

Executive Boot Camp

We at Motional Intelligence understand that being effective as an executive requires appropriate planning, organizing tasks, job responsibilities, resources, staffing, and leading the people who do the jobs to achieve the plans. To that end we address the characteristics of effective leadership and methodologies to leading for growth, and the accomplishment of goals, objectives and the organizational mission.

Low-Mid Management Boot Camp

As liaisons between executives, other management positions, and front line employees, the importance of the roles of low-mid management cannot be overstated. Management is the process of getting things done through and with people. There is no effective management that occurs without the ability to lead, motivate and effectively communicate. In boot camp we address these and other critical steps to effective management.

Employee Boot Camp

As the most important aspect of the organization, employees must be made aware of their value, and how their personal growth, success and wellness correlates with the success of the organization. They should also be made aware of the expectation to consistently improve upon their knowledge, skills and abilities, and the achievement of excellence in their work tasks.

Team Building Activities

Corporate Olympics

Nothing breeds camaraderie like competition, and nothing says competition better than the Olympics. By combining these two concepts we have developed friendly inter/intra-organizational olympic games designed to feed the competitive spirit, encourage "teamsmanship" and encourage interaction in a fulfilled challenging way.

Team Bike Tours

Pedal - Laugh - Repeat!

There is no better way to combine movement, social interaction, and fun than through a Team-Bike cruise with 8 to 14 people (10 pedal stations) at a time. Let our driver/DJ/Tour Guide supply the music or bring your Bluetooth enabled playlist, or plug your device into the USB port for your fun tour or truly unique meeting. Sure to be a crowd pleaser.